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Yeah, Aspen. You heard that right! ThereSquared is working with Jill Stilwell of Stilwell Consulting and Sarah Roy, the Executive Director of the Red Brick Center for the Arts in Aspen to plan for a brand new public art program for this amazing town. It was announced in May and we have been working full steam ahead since then. If you are in Aspen on September 20th, please join us for a workshop at the Aspen Art Museum!

What is wonderful about this project is that Aspen has never had an "official" public art program, which is kinda unusual. The other towns along the Roaring Fork Valley have great public art programs, like Carbondale, Snowmass and Basalt. We get to build this program from the ground up!

I lived in Aspen for a single ski season back in 1991-2, after I graduated from Wellesley. I was living in Wyoming, working as a maid at a dude ranch the summer before, and a bunch of us from the ranch (13 to be exact) moved down to Aspen for the winter to be ski bums. It was crazy, we fit 13 people into a 4 BR house on Hyman Avenue, and that house was trashed from the ski-bums that had lived there prior. I had a double with my friend Sarah, but the others lived in triples, and one guy lived in the basement. We all had jobs which provided us with ski-passes, and I was the best skiier I have ever been that summer.

Working in Aspen this summer, I have been shocked to see how much the town has changed....and hasn't changed. Yes, it is even more unaffordable and glamorous than it was then (no doubt we could not afford to live in the heart of town as we did then--and that house is long gone and replaced with a GORGEOUS duplex), but the heart of that town is still there. It is still funky, full of music & art events, and the eclectic, mellow vibe is there and undeniable. Their public art program will be as unique and wonderful as the town itself. Guaranteed.

When ThereSquared was selected to work on this terrific project, we could not have been any more excited. No pressure, it is just one of the most famous cities on the planet, Kendall. There there, we got this! Look for updates and events coming soon.

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